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plum tree pollinators

Hi, I would like to know if anyone has a Brookred plum that has successfully produced fruit. We can find nothing but conflicting information on what will pollinate it. We have a western sandcherry that is supposed to be a pollinator for it, but it blooms about 10 days later even though they are only about 20 feet apart. We have heard and read that a Pembina plum will cross pollinate it, others say it does not. Many sources say a wild plum or Canadian plum prunus nigra will work but these are not easy to source. I am in Saskatoon, Sk, Canada, zone 3a. Any experience anyone can offer will be much appreciated!

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Re: plum tree pollinators

Hi hsiluk,
A quick check that I have made suggests that the Pembina would do the job as it too is a late flowered and cropping variety.
However....let's see if anyone in your area has any other suggestions.

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