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HELP! idk what's wrong with my succulent :(

I'm not completely sure what's wrong with my succulent. I've searched everywhere online but I can't find anything helpful. I think it might be overwatering since the center is so yellow but I've never seen the center poke out like that, the smaller pot inside has drainage holes so I'm not sure if it's overwatering or not enough sunlight.

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I don't know a heck of a lot about succulents, but it may be getting ready to bloom.

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I only own a gasteria, so I have limited knowledge. I would say it's getting too much or too little water. What kind of sunlight is it getting? I see there are blinds in the picture...are they opened regularly? My succulent gets bright indirect light and is happy with that. When I do water it, I don't soak the whole thing. It gets enough enough drips to satisfy it. I try to imagine when it would get in its natural habitat.

Sometimes you just have to play around and see what works. I will keep my fingers crossed for you!

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As far as I know, it is going to bloom. I have some bad news. A lot of succulents die after they bloom. You may have some pops on a side that you can propagate or use the leaves. But if the flower comes from the middle and not the side, they will die eventually.

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