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What type of ficus is this?

Hey all,

I know this is a ficus of some sort, but not sure what kind.

Also, I have an east facing window but the sun hasn't been real great here in Chicago for the past two weeks, so I was moving it back and forth every day to a west facing window in the afternoon. Is that a bad idea to move the plant 2x a day (even if it stays indoors)?

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Re: What type of ficus is this?

I'm guessing it is ficus benjamina, one of the most common bonsai ficus.

However, there are over eight hundred ficus species, so it's quite possible it is something else.

If your ficus isn't dropping any leaves, it is probably coping okay with all the moving around. Personally I think trees are meant to stay in one place as much as they can. If your spot for it doesn't have enough light, think about adding supplemental lighting (a dedicated lamp just a few inches away) rather than moving it all the time.
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