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Citrus in Container - Soil Problem

I bought 7 citrus trees and planted them in containers using Miracle-Gro organic choice potting soil. Yes, I know (now) that soil may not be the best. My question is, do I need to freak out and change all the soil out? Can I add something to the soil to make it better for my trees (like a citrus mix)? I really don't want to repot and chuck all the soil I bought if I can avoid it. HELP


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Re: Citrus in Container - Soil Problem

Not the best choice but not the worst. They should be fine. The only thing I would worry about is the drainage but as long as they drain okay then they should be fine.

All the sites I checked said you should mix cedar shavings or vermiculite or perlite to the mix before potting. I haven't done that and I've never had problems. The last time I potted mine I used Scott's potting soil and still had good growth and flowering. Didn't get any fruit because the flowers didn't get pollinated properly.

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