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Question regarding my first container tomatoes

I have finally taken the plunge and started indeterminate beefsteak heirloom tomatoes from seed and transplanted them into containers. So far they are looking great and have been monitoring the soil moisture with a meter and used tomato fertilizer and earthworm castings when i transplanted them. There are some spots on a few of the leaves and some possible chew marks and bigger leaves turning brown on the edges, or would this be normal wear and tear? The stalks and a majority of the leaves look nice and green but just have some problem leaves. I would also like some fertilizing information if possible on the frequency and type. I have done research online but am still very new at this. Thank you for all your help!

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Re: Question regarding my first container tomatoes

In my garden, those shallow windowpane round holes are signs of four-lined plant bugs. They usually don't stay on tomatoes though they may sample them. But they LOVE mint family plants -- mints, oregano, lemon balm, etc. also red clover. Look around and see if you see the same marks on other plants. Don't cast a shadow -- they scuttle and jump off to hide.

If I can catch the infestation early, I snatch and grab them along with the top sprig of the plant, then squish all without looking. Resist impulse to open hand and look -- they will quickly crawl out and jump/fly off.
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