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Front Yard Landscaping to Provide "Distance" from Busy Road

We are trying to sell our brick ranch. It has decent curb appeal just the house itself, relatively speaking. But buyers hate our busy street (we are already priced with that in mind). Thoughts for specific plantings we could do behind the sidewalk or along our property lines (or ANYWHERE in the front/side yard areas) for creating more of a "removed" / private / peaceful sense? Most of the attached pictures show the front at its worst (early spring in Ohio). We do have some zebra grass that grows between the boxwoods shown. Also, the front bed looks a lot nicer with mulch and growth. House faces north. We are considering a gravel turnaround on the east of the garage.
Our house from across the street
Our house from across the street

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Re: Front Yard Landscaping to Provide "Distance" from Busy R

You need a hedge just inside the sidewalk. Or maybe a picket fence with a hedge inside that.
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