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First time Bonsai owner HEEEEELPP!!

My friend remembered me saying that I always wanted a Bonsai so she got me one for christmas, had to drop it off a little early, so it didn't die in her care before I saw it..but I have no idea what to do with/to it!! I would LOVE to keep this thing alive, I just need help doing it, I'm not even sure what kind it is. But I'll post a pic if I get a response, I'd like to figure out if it is okay to put it out on the porch if it will be okay sitting next to my iguana's terrarium, I figure the uva/uvb light may help?? DO I need to repot it already?
How often must I prune it? Do I prune it during the winter???


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Welcome. The first thing to do is to identify the tree. By all means post pictures. Look [url=https://www.helpfulgardener.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3724]here[/url] for information regarding taking good pictures, there is also a link describing the use of a third part hosting service which is necessary on this forum.

Next would be a little information about your specific location such as expected temperatures, from now till spring is obviously the most pertinent right now. What options do you have for choice of location both now and next spring?

How has the tree been kept recently, if you know or can find out. And lastly what color is your thumb, green or brown. :wink: In other words are you experienced with other forms of gardening?


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