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New to gardening, new to Roses....live in NC...

Hello Everyone....I am new to the forum, so bear with me...

I am new to gardening and to roses. I live in NC, whereas we get some cold nights, but not that many. I don't know the exact type other than they have small rose buds and flowers. They are approx 6 feet high. I have recently bought a home with a large garden area all the way around the fence around the home, have wood chips in the garden.

I am curious as to what type of care I need to give my climbing red & white roses, Ie, cutting, covering, fertilizing and general care?

Thanks to everyone :D in advance for your help!

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Welcome railroadinmedic

You can do a search on winter care for roses on the web. You can also find many useful information in our forum.


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New to Gardening, rose care, etc.


I live in Baltimore, MD in similar weather conditions. Unless you know it's already been done, you need to put some Milky Spore down in your rose bed. This gets sown into the soil. Except for some very hardy varieties, roses are very prone to Japanese beetles: they eat the plants, leaves, flowers and all.

You also need to fertilize the plants with a specific rose fertilizer. I used a powder form that came in a cardboard box and followed the directions on the box.

Roses are a lot of work, but you will have beautiful cut flowers for your house. I always enjoyed the beauty of the cut flowers.


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