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DIY nutrient formula?

Hey first post here. Just getting into hyrdoponics. After watching some youtube videos I thought the 5 gallon bucket deep water method for tomatoes would be a good place to start.

I bought the materials, the seeds have been started... but I'm missing the most important ingredient... the nutrient solution :shock:

I currently don't live in Oregon atm, I live in a city that doesn't have hydroponic nutrients and shipping them to here (third world country) would be a nightmare (the last piece of single piece mail sent from the states to here took 3 months!)

I read online that simply dissolving fertilizer meant for soil based plants into a water solution is a no go. So my options are make my nutrient solution (if that's feasible) or abandon hydroponics before I even start.

Is there any formula / easy solution that I can make from home by possibly finding the base chemicals here? Thanks again

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Re: DIY nutrient formula?

Can you get any kind of water soluble tomato food like MG or Peters. Can you get calcium nitrate & epsom salt there?

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Re: DIY nutrient formula?

You might want to consider building a Compost tea brewer, using another 5gal bucket and a few air stones. You can cold brew your own food for your maters. (It's easier than it might seem.)