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Christmas Cactus limp & red leaves

Hello friends! I've had this little Christmas Cactus for a little over a half a year and it's still alive, though clearly not thriving. A while back, when it first started becoming limp, I repotted it. It started looking better, but now it is limp, bent over, and the leaves are reddish. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. Well, here are my guesses.

1. Not watering enough. After I repotted it I became worried that I'm oversteering, so i really didn't water it often say all. I'll stick my finger in the soul and if it's dry more than an inch below, I'll water it. Doesn't seem to help much, though it hasn't died yet, so that's a plus.

2. Wrong light, temp? I've been keeping it on the sill of my south-facing humid bathriom window. To much sun? I'm so confused.

It's potted in succulent soil.

Pics attached.

Please help.
Thank you!

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Re: Christmas Cactus limp & red leaves

Too much sun would be my guess. They like part sun, not a southern exposure.

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Re: Christmas Cactus limp & red leaves

It's also possible that on the windowsill in Minnesota, it's actually too cold unless you have some kind of seriously insulating windows. I took mine off the windowsill in what I call the "Depth of winter /deep freeze" which is in the single digits °F and negative single digits at worst here. I suspect it gets a LOT colder where you are. Mine are about 1 ft in on windowsill level surface of SE facing windows. 50's at coldest.

It's a good idea to monitor high/low temperature (and humidity) of different areas of the house where you (intend to) keep plants.
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Re: Christmas Cactus limp & red leaves

Thanks for the tips! Definitely going to move it. Found out, I've also probably been starving it. I forgot that you are supposed to drench cacti when watering and then let dry out for a good while. I gave it a good watering and will move it to a warmer and less sunny location.

I'll keep you posted!

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Re: Christmas Cactus limp & red leaves

Too much sun, too much water. Take out of soil and let dry for a couple days-repot
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