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Aero garden on sale at Costco! Which one shall I get?

First one: 6 LED with herb and cherry tomatoes pod kit. On sale now, 60 dallors off, now is 160.
The second one ultra LED with herb kit and seed starting system, sale starts on April 4, 55 dollars off, will be 235.
Which one shall I get? Any recommendations?
It is too late for this year if I wait to April? But if it's much better than the first one, it will worth the wait. Because I probably will use it for many years since it is quite expensive.

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Sorry the pictures are in wrong sequence

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These look really neat. They both look good. If you're not sure that it will work for you, then I'd suggest going with the less expensive one. Or splurge on the bigger one if you are sure it will work.
If you have a money tree in your back yard, and money is no object, then you definately should go with the bigger one.

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it doesn't look like you are actually saving any money buying from costco instead of direct from aerogarden:

and lots more choices.

I bought my aerogarden many years ago, before they got so fancy. They don't even still offer the small simple (cheap) 3 pod compact fluoro one I got back then. But mine still works. I am satisfied with the 3 pod one because I just use it to grow herbs through the winter. Pack it away during growing season.