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Mint problems

Hi, only been gardening for a few years, I've had a lot of success with veggies & flowers but I love herbs (especially mint, basil & tarragon ) but I'm having a nightmare with my mint. Something is eating it! it's practically all gone. I've checked for slugs (the bane of my life) and can't see any. Could someone help please? X

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Re: Mint problems

I don't think I often see slugs eating the mints but slugs in this area a small. Where do you located? Do you get the finger long slugs and giant snails?

My usual suspects in the mints are spittle bugs and Four lined plant bugs. Someone else mentioned caterpillars.

Can you post photos of the damaged leaves and plant? Some of us might recognize the chew/bite marks and give you a better idea.
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Re: Mint problems

Pull the plant out of the pot and check the roots. Slugs and snails love mint roots too.
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Re: Mint problems

Do you have pictures? Around here my guess would be deer or rabbits or groundhogs. And yes, I've had each of them eating my mint. The damage done by each critter is pretty distinctive.

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