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Is my Giant Redwood seedling dying? : /

Hi all,
My old college professor gave me a bunch of exotic seeds a few weeks ago, one species being S. giganteum.

It germinated in about 2 weeks and seemed to be doing well. I keep it in an indoor greenhouse, humidity is ~40-60%, temp is between 76-82. I keep it under a fluorescent light ~1200 lumens w/an 8.5in reflector.

This morning, I woke up to the 4 little prongs curled and black at the tips. I water very sparingly and have a small fan for air circulation.

I've included a pic from yesterday and one from this morning. Any advice would be greatly appreciated :]


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Re: Is my Giant Redwood seedling dying? : /

It is just about impossible to advise when to move an out-of-doors-only tree to the out side without at least a USDA zone and state-province.

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