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Natural habitat

In reading comments on Noah's Garden and other pots, figured I'd throw in some 2c.

In some background, grew up with this, before some of you were a thought I may add. It stayed with me throughout, and as for my own space changes as I have moved. Duh! Now (about 18 yrs) on the 1/4+ acre in town. The yard morphs as I do with time, thoughts, budget etc. As I am growing herbs to harvest for market and the plant starts have a bit different slant than many. Of course being as organic as possible etc etc.

I've always enjoyed (most of) the fellow residents, being birds, butterflies and things in ground. The sparrows, brown thrashers, wrens, jays and many more messing around in the yard, leaves, pots makes me see it is good. Also in warmer weather seeing bees, mostly bumblebees and native bees, and the other 6 legged critters.

Getting back to point, I see more people, even in our urban setting interested in back yard habitat. As I am selling plant starts listen to them (pollinator magnets, easy, perennials, monarchs, native, all key words.) Just today saw an article in our local paper about a workshop for those looking at natural habitat back yards. This out in the burb no less.

The monarchs and honey bees poster children, and this helping people look at their yards and green spaces in a different light. All good!

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