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Are these rose seeds on my rose bush?

Hey everyone this is my first post here. I live in the US, Mississippi to be exact. The Rose bush in question is, I think, a miniature rose bush, and it produces beautiful yellow roses. I don't know much about growing roses, but I do know that a rose bush must be fertilized by another rose bush nearby in order for it to produce seeds. The only other rose bushes in my yard are Knockout rose bushes and hybrid tea rose bushes so one of these must have fertilized (or would the word be pollinated?) my miniature yellow rose bush. Ok so my exact question is, are these little red things on top the seeds, or do I have to break this bulb thing open in order to get to the seeds? Here are some pics:

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Re: Are these rose seeds on my rose bush?

Those are definitely rose "hips" -- fruits -- but they are still green and need to mature before the seeds inside will become viable if you are thinking of harvesting them to grow.

Roses are related to apples and the hips will turn usually red but sometimes orange or yellow with waxy sheen.

Some roses are also grown for their hips which have high vitamin C, bioflavonoids, etc. content and are used to make herbal teas or nutritional supplements. But you would need to grow them organically or at least not have used toxic fungicides, pesticides or fertilizers to consider consuming them.

Note that production of hips take up extra energy away from the plants and the spent blossoms are usually deadheaded/pruned off so the plant can concentrate on producing more foliage and flowers when they are grown for ornamental use.

Also, roses are usually propagated by grafting or sometimes from cuttings rather than from seeds and may be difficult from seeds.
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Re: Are these rose seeds on my rose bush?

The seeds are also very difficult to germinate i.e. they need to be cold stratified.
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