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Mini money tree salvation

So, I have a mini money tree that needs some help and love. I'm not 100% sure on how it's life has been up until this point, but it looks like junk and its slowly losing leaves. I've found the best advice from the gardening forums, but everyone has different opinions based on the different (normally the larger versions) plants, so I figured posting a separate thread would help me more. Either way, I have to save this plant!

What I do know:
- this is the small, desk sized version
- its brown up to maybe the last 2 inches of the stalk
- the 4 leaves (5 before I moved it) are yellow with some green and a little bit of pinkish tinge to it
- there is nothing growing from the stalk, just the leaves from the top of it
- I cant currently see the roots and I don't want to disturb the soil until someone tells me to lol

Thank you!
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Re: Mini money tree salvation

Hi and welcome to the Forum! I will start by saying I know nothing about money tree, mini or otherwise. But since no one has responded, I will start the conversation.

To me it looks root bound and like it should be in a larger container (like the outer one that the small container is in). But if you do that, the tree will get bigger too, so partly it depends on how big you want your tree.

The yellowing is most likely that it is not getting enough light. It wants bright indirect light. Secondarily, it might be a lack of nutrients. How long have you had this little tree? Have you been fertilizing it? Third guess would be aphids or some kind of insect like that. Have you checked it carefully? Some like thrips are very difficult to see. Hold the leaves over a piece of paper and shake it and see if you see any tiny dots.

Best Wishes!

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