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How do I keep my apricot seedling going through the winter?

Hi, I'm new to the forum. This past summer I decided to try growing an apricot tree from a seed. I googled how to do that and tried it with 4 seeds from apricots I bought in a grocery. I planted the seeds in 10" wide pots, two in each pot. By the end of the summer, one had sprouted. It is now about 10 inches tall and consists of two slender stalks with leaves. We live in zone 6 and the night temperatures are in the 30's already now at the beginning of November. I know apricot trees need cold, but I'm wondering what the best thing for my "baby" would now be. Should I put it outside already? Should I keep it in this first winter and put it outside in the spring? My goal is eventually to transplant it out in the yard. I have a very old apple tree (almost 100 years old and still giving up lots of apples), and two other trees which I planted about 3 or 4 years ago: a peach and a plum tree, which so far don't bear much fruit but seem to be doing okay. Any advice for my apricot would be appreciated.

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Re: How do I keep my apricot seedling going through the wint

I'd take it inside and put it on your window sill, and when it gets warm again, plant it outside. Generaly when a tree seedling is about 9 inches tall it can survive on it's own outside.
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