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My jade plant needs help!

I have had my jade plant for at least 15 years or so and I love it. However recently I have noticed it dropping limbs and leaves which has me worried. It has never done this before. I repotted it last year in a larger pot so it isn't root bound, and I don't over water it I just water it when it needs it. It doesn't appear to have a fungus or anything so I am at a complete loss. I am hoping someone can help me save my plant. I posted the picture above to show what is happening and how it looks.

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Re: My jade plant needs help!

if you have had it for 15 years it looks like you do know how to take care of it. All I can suggest is that it might need some prunings. Some of the droopy branches may be too thin to carry the weight. Fewer branches and keep the thicker branches might be better for the overall shape.

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Re: My jade plant needs help!

The same thing happened to me. First it started losing pedals and then the whole plant stems started falling out. Now I'm left with only one stem. :(

But when I sat to think about it, I remembered that when I bought it from someone, it was on the ground, and later I noticed little bugs in the soil.
So I'm guessing maybe a bug or two got in there :(

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Re: My jade plant needs help!

I think it would be a good idea to see if the drainage is working properly in this new pot and new soil mix has not some how compacted or become waterlogged. You may be caring for it in the same way as before the uppot out of habit?

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Re: My jade plant needs help!

Check the soil and roots for tiny little white/clear worms. And look around to see if any tiny black bugs are flying around. You might have a fungus gnat invasion. Occasionally you'll get a bag of potting soil that has gnat eggs in it.

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