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Lime tree is dying

We have 3 citrus trees on the side of our house. We have an orange tree, a lime tree, and a kumquat tree. The lime tree appears to be dying while the other 2 are thriving. All the leaves are dead and there is no fruit. Can anyone tell me why only the lime tree is struggling? They all get the same amount of sun and water. The lime tree and the orange tree are both about 9 feet tall. We have automatic sprinklers that go on every morning for 10 mins then we usually will put the hose out for a deep soaking twice a week. We've had the trees in this spot for about 8 years with no problems. Please help!!!

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Re: Lime tree is dying

I don't know, but you are more likely to get a helpful answer, the more information you can give. To start with where are you located? There are hardly any garden questions that can be discussed without regard to location/ climate. Then, more about what has happened -- when did you first notice the problem, how long has it been going on? You said you had trees in that spot for 8 years, but how long had this particular tree been there? Any other symptoms? Did the leaves just all fall off at once or a little at a time? Did they turn brown first or curl up or get spots or .... ? Any discolorations or lesions on the trunk or branches? Try snapping some twigs off. Are they still green inside? If not, try scraping the top layer of bark off a very small area of trunk. Is there green under there? If no, then the tree probably is dead and past reviving.

And please post a couple pictures of your tree now and if you have any pictures of before the problem, during the problem.

Since the other two are OK, I expect it is some disease or pest.

Here's a couple articles about diseases and pests of citrus trees, so you can see if anything looks familiar: ... trees.html ... -trees.htm

Hope we can help!

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