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Calling Ocotillo Fans!

While traveling from Houston, Texas to California by car with my daughter, I fell in love with the ocotillo and knew I had to have one. I came across someone who was nice enough to go out to his land in Arizona and dig one up and ship it here in Houston to me about 18 months ago. While I was preparing to place it in it's new home one of the canes broke off so I planted it next to the main body. The only part that has leafed out is the one cane that broke off, although I think you can see in the close up photo that the rest of it is alive. I'm not sure if the one that broke off is leafing out because it has it's own single root system, but thought I might find someone who knows a lot more about them than I do. I'm also posting a photo of a beautiful blooming cactus in my backyard whose name I do not know. It's always bloomed but this year has been large masses of them! Wish they lasted longer than a few hours though.
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Re: Calling Ocotillo Fans!

That is a gorgeous blooming speciman

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