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Sad Plum Tree Needs Help!

I live in LA and moved into a rental home with a large front yard with an old plum tree in it. It looked distressed to me when we got here, because it seemed like somebody had come in and prunned it way too much. It has a large bulbous section of trunk about halfway up, and has several large bubbles of sap seeping out all over. The new leaves that are growing in look deformed and curly at the edges. Recently about half of the leaves died. I am concerned it is dying and want to see if there's anything I can do to save it. We are expieriencing extreme drought here, and I did cut back on watering, but I don't think this was the cause of the problem because the tree looked funny when we got here. Because I pay for the water and gardener I am also worried my landlord is going to try to blame me for the loss if it does. Can anybody help me and my sad tree?

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Re: Sad Plum Tree Needs Help!

Hi Bizzmatic,
It would help a lot if you could put a couple of pictures on here.

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