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How do I Permanently Remove and Eliminate brambles?

I let a hedge become smothered with Brambles so I ripped it out and I now want to re-plant. The problem is that I know that the Brambles will come back because I suspect that the only way to get rid of them is to dig ten feet down so I have a question.
Is there a weed killer that I can just apply to the Brambles as they appear that will kill them off without killing any of the new shrubs that I want to plant?

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Here at the Helpful Gardener we try and use organic methods. My first suggestion would be to dig out as many roots as you can. That will also make a better bed for your new plantings.

My second suggestion would be to allow two or three branches from each plant to grow in the spring and have some leaves. Then soak the ends of those branches with the leaves in vinegar. Vinegar is a non-selective herbicide and will damage or kill anything it splashes on. The vinegar in your pantry is 5% acidic and horticultural vinegar is 15% to 20% acidic, but if you soak the branches and leaves in vinegar for 48 hours while the plant is in active growth, that should kill the roots. You can use something like a margarine container with a tight fitting lid. Cut a slit in the lid so you can insert the branches and the leaves into the vinegar. After 48 hours cut the branches near the lid and take to a safe place to remove them from the lid so the vinegar won't splash on anything that is precious.

If you have stumps from the brambles you can speed up the rotting process using this technique.


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Yes, I concur with Newt. If you use some sort of herbicide:

a) It won't get all the roots.

b) It will kill all the plants in the area, including what you plant there

c) The herbicide will kill the beneficial flora and fauna in the soil that will aid in in the growth of whatever you plant and retard disease organisms. In actuallity, with long term use of anything with the suffix -CIDE you will artificially select for disease organisms.

So, definately get in there with a shovel and a Madock (pick) and dig all the bramble roots out. If some come up in the future, pull them out when they are seedlings and dispose in your compost pile.

Vinegar is definately an organic alternative to using broadbased herbicides but, don't overuse it: the acid in vinegar (very dilute) is acetic acid and will have adverse effects on the environment and your plants if overused.

Really, it's not to much work to dig things up and it can be very enjoyable and theraeutic to be out working in the garden. It's also good exercise and therefore is good for the heart.

And it's also fun to get down and dirty every once and whilte :D

Be sure to leave yoursefl some time to enjoy a nice cup of tea when you are done your job!

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