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"cantaro" pots..

what plants work best in a cantaro type pot? it's kind of an egg-shape, but flat at bottom with small hole at top.... :)

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I'm thinking you are referring to tapered pots. The first thing would be to have drainage holes in bottom. Because of the shape it will be difficult to remove a rootball to transplant once the pot fills up. If these were my pots I would plant something with shallow roots or annuals that won't grow large roots over the summer. If the pot is tall you could fill the bottom half with styrofoam packing peanuts, put a circle of landscape cloth on top of those and then add potting soil. Plants like succulents and cactus have shallow roots and might be a good choice for long term.

Maybe others will have more ideas.

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I've looked at some mexican examples of cantaro styles of pots and they just seem to be a tapered pot, there seem to be varieties that are small and large, repotting with these sorts of pots would be a problem not to mention removing expired annuals with extensive root systems.

I would recommend that if you use a long cantaro pot that you plan perennials with relatively shallow roots such that you don't have to destroy the pot to repot the plant once it outgrows the pot.

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