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No germination progress, should I move them from the window

Hello all, as I understand double
Shirleys have a long germination of 21 days. However no progress has been spotted for the last 1 1/2 seeks with new seedlings, I water with a spray bottle in the morning and evening, and sprayed with sulfur fungicide twice. The seeds are correctly placed on top of pot soil.

I did manage to start some seedlings a 3 weeks ago inside, but they wilted over and died. Nearly all of them germinated but they were not exposed to sunlight, only a day light CFL.

So my main question is should I start the need Shirleys inside by a bright CFL and then move them back to the window? I have a spare 3600 lumen CFL that mimmicks sunlight, 3000k I think.


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If the original seedlings sprouted and died, I think you are loving them too much with water. There should be no need to fungicide if you don't have any germination.

Make sure you are using fresh potting soil and not using the soggy soil that the seedlings died in. It may already have fungal spores growing in them. Wash the pot with bleach while you are at it to make sure the pot is clean as well or use new cups.

Mix the new soil. I like to add a little slow release fertilizer to my potting mix if I am making my own.

Dampen the soil until you can squeeze some of the soil together and it holds together in a clump without being able to squeeze out water. Fluff the soil top with seeds and put it in your window sill. Bottom water by placing container in a shallow tray of water for about 10 minutes. The top of the soil should feel damp. Drain containers well and put them back on the shelf. Water again before the top of the soil dries out. You do not have to mist.

Alternatively you can prepare the soil as above and cover it with a clear plastic bag. If there is a lot of condensation open up the bag and let it dry out a little more. A little moisture is o.k. The seedling should be able to sprout with very little additional water. Water from the bottom when the top of the soil is almost dry or the pot feels lighter. Do not let any of the containers sit in a pool of water.

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