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Roof Moss

Hi all,

Sorry if this is a repeated thread, or if it's in the wrong place, as I'm a newbie!

We have a major moss problem on our roof, and I am getting annoyed at clearing the gutters.

Could someone tell me the best way to get rid of it. I would prefer any treatment to be organic as we are trying to be considerate gardeners, and the roof run off goes into a soak-away under the allotment part of the garden.

any help/advice is very welcome.


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Hi Racingmars,

Though these sites aren't located in the UK, this first one lists controls and the side effects of each. The second explains how to prevent water pollution when treating for moss.


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Moss is something that you have to keep track of, basically; each year you are going to have to get up on your roof and either pressure wash to remove the moss or use a rake.

The bonus is that a) It really only should take a day
b) You will have all this great moss for your compost

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