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Zelkova Schneideriana- leaves turning yellow Help

Hello, I bought 2 bonsai's from a sanctuary about a month ago. The one I'm having trouble with is my Zelkova Schneideriana, I've been watering it almost every day about 8oz or more ( it's summer in the northwest averaging 80+) Recently all my leaves have been turning yellow or brown and I don't know what to do. I've been cutting them off please help. New to plants and Bonsai's

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Re: Zelkova Schneideriana- leaves turning yellow Help

Get in the habbit of checking soil moisture in morning with a chop-stick. If the chop-stick is dry, do water in the morning. If damp, no water.

While its hot out you are going to check again in the evening as water as needed.

I cannot stress too strongly that a new grower needs to touch and pick up their tree daily. If your tree does not feel your breath on it, it is being neglected.

If your soil is compacted, it is OK to use that chop-stick a hundred pokes or so, to re-airate soil. it is too late to repot.
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