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What is wrong with my haworthia truncata :(

I just wanna get some advice on this little guy. We have him for nearly a year now and he has not being doing as well. Not sure what's wrong with him, we repotted him and brought him indoor to provide extra care. The leaf has brown spot on it and they don't seems to be as healthy. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I did also posted this in another forum. I want him to do well again and grow :)


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Hi Monfests,

First that looks like a large pot for a small plant. Second - what type of soil do you have beneath the gravel?
does your container have good drainage?

Most problems with Cacti and Succulents are from over watering and/or not enough sun.

You need very well drained soil - preferably Cactus Mix. You need a well drained pot. No pot saucer.

Because I live in a region with a lot of rain my succulents are kept under the patio cover. They get direct morning sun and bright light the rest of the day. I generally ignore them. I give them a small amount of water ever week or two. They are Happy Campers.

My Succulents are planted in a 24" pot saucer with no drainage so over watering could be an issue. I wait until they just begin to shrivel before giving them water.

Good luck

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