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ficus ginseng S.O.S.

I have a 10in focus ginseng bonsai. When I got it, it was already in pretty bad shape; it maybe had 10 leaves on it. Recently, all of the leaves have been turning brown and falling off. I water it once a week like the instructions said with approximately 8oz. It sits on a table next to the window, so it gets a decent amount of sun. I did a scratch test on some of the branches and the big bulb-y trunk, and they're all green underneath aside from a few of the smaller, thinner branches. I'm not sure what to do. Is it a lost cause? Is there anything I can do to help get it back to good health? Please let me know! Thank you in advance!
Don't worry, he's only on the stove for good lighting.
Don't worry, he's only on the stove for good lighting.

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Re: ficus ginseng S.O.S.

In the lower 48 states, any fig (ficus) should be outdoors in the sun full time till nighttime temperatures hit middle fourties (at night).

Every day a wooden chop stick should be inserted into soil and then withdrawn. When you check the tip that was in dirt it will be,1, damp, do not water today. Or, 2, dry, it will need to be liberally watered.

Your soil looks to be mostly garden soil. Its particle size is too small. You will need soil specifically for bonsai (or cactus).

Figs will tend to shed their leaves if watering or light levels are inadaquate.
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