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Growing perennials in pots

I have a pretty simply question that might not have a simply answer. Until I'm a home owner I'm attempting to grow a few plants in pots on my patio. The pots are all large. About 1 1/2 feet deep and a foot wide (give or take an inch). I have a stonecrop sedum (autumn fire variety) and a Serbian bellflower in another growing.
Currently they are both doing wonderfully. But it's almost September. And although these plants are both perennials and are natives to the zone I live in they are in containers.
So the question to you is this...will their roots survive in the harsh Ohio winter? Or should I do something else? Id rather not bring the pots inside and have nowhere else to store them since we live in an apartment.
Are there methods to keeping perennials alive over a long winter for next year? Or should I move them into the apartment?

Any tips or advice anyone has on perennials in containers I would appreciate so much.
Thanks in advance guys!!


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Re: Growing perennials in pots

I don't know anything about the bellflower-but I have autumn sedum growing in a pot for years now. I live in a much warmer climate,and mine does not need to come in for the winter, but, assuming you have a place inside that gets some sun, it should be fine. It will die to the ground and you will think it's gone-but in the spring, it will come back again.
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Re: Growing perennials in pots

Hi Mike,

Warm welcome to the forum.

Help us help you by updating your profile to include your county and state.

We have members from different areas of Ohio who can give region specific advice.

I live in Lafayette, La. I grow some perennial in pots. A 12" pot is not a large pot. I use at least 16" (diameter) pots. Even with our mild winters perennials need a fairly large root ball to survive.

Regardless of the pot size I doubt that potted perennials will survive your bitter winters. Perennials rated for your zone are intended to be planted in the ground. Even in the ground they do best with a heavy mulch before winter.

Unless you bring them in the roots will freeze.

Perennials are supposed to die back over winter so don't worry too much about care. Water only enough to keep the roots from completely drying out - monthly. Don't worry about light until a month or two before the last frost. At that point increase the water and put them in a very bright window. Pot up when you put them out for the summer.

Good luck
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Re: Growing perennials in pots

Thank you so much for the replies!!
I'll update my profile ASAP! Very good to know about bringing them in and the rootballs. I'll do just that this winter. My sedum is a lovely plant and I'd hate to loose it.
Appreciate the replies everyone

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