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bringing a bonsai indoors at night

Hello so I have a question regarding my two bonsai, a boxwood and a juniper, and it is can I bring my two trees indoors at night/ how will they be affected by doing this, I ask because I live in san francisco and am worried about raccoons and other animals getting into them.

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I would wire my trees to their bench before bringing either juniper or box indoors at night.

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I'm not sure that raccoon would bother those trees. Certainly not juniper which is too prickly and they have sensitive paws.

I think it is not a good idea to move trees around too much. It's not in their nature and it's far better to let them acclimate to where they are. Smoke trees are even sensitive to having their orientation to the sun changed.

If you are still concerned, it's probably better to put something protective over them at night -- milk crate, large bottomless bird or small animal cage, etc. and bungee them down or something.

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