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moroccan beans brown spots on leaves

Hi all.

The leaf in the photo is an extreme example, but many of the leaves eventually develop these brown spots. It is a youngish plant and has not yet started to fruit.

Any ideas?



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Re: moroccan beans brown spots on leaves

What kind of plant is it and where are you (state, region would be helpful)? If it is not an annual, how old is it? Has it been really hot where you are like out here this summer. If so, it could be related to the heat and the amount water and fertilizer you put on the plants. The hotter it is the more dangerous it is to fertilize as it becomes stressful to the plant when it is really hot. It is impossible to accurately guess what is causing the problem without knowing what plant of plant family we are looking at.

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Re: moroccan beans brown spots on leaves

Please put your location in your profile. How long has this issue been present? Water condition? Pole or bush bean? Is there another common name for that bean variety?

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