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Help with Eastern Redbud

Hello kind professionals,

Hope everyone is having a nice evening/morning. In early Spring of this year I started an Eastern Redbud from seed and it is doing remarkably well as far as I can tell. Lots of growth and HUGE leaves.

My question is.... I am wondering if I should prune the leave on the new seedling? or just leave it alone? Also considering the size of the tree and the pot it is in when is the best time to transplant to a bigger pot. Shall I double the size of the pot? Shall I keep the plant indoors through the upcoming winter? I live in Northeast Pennsylvania.

I took a leaf from the tree in my yard that I got the seed from to start the baby plant and I very curious as to why the leaves on the baby plant are 3 times the size of the parent? Please see attachments.

Any help with my many questions is greatly appreciated! Thanks for your time! in Philadelphia
redbud 2.jpg
redbud 1.jpg

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Re: Help with Eastern Redbud

Sorry to say that I do not think those two are the same plant at ALL. The plant with the large leaves looks like a common weed, but I can't think of the name right now. I am guessing here that the redbud seed has not yet sprouted.

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Re: Help with Eastern Redbud

Agree, that looks like Paulownia (empress) tree, a giant weed that's an actual tree.

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