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curling, yellow and speckled.

I have looked at hundreds of pics trying to ID the problem with my plants.
Affected leaves are toward bottom of plant. Tops seem healthy. Fruit looks good but not ripe yet.
Plants are mulched and some pruning. Feed is fish emulsion and some manure.
The problem started around the time the first fruit set.
It's getting worse but progression is slow. Cucumbers may be suffering too.
I am a novice and could really use some help figuring out what the trouble is and creating a plan to fix it.


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Re: curling, yellow and speckled.

The leaf curl actually looks like physiologic leaf roll. It is caused by the heat. It does not permanently harm the plant, but it is a stressor so make sure the plants get enough water. The upper leaves don't seem to look like the lower leaves and that is probably a result of splashing. I'd take off the lower leaves anyway bag and trash. Do not just drop the leaves on the ground.

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