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New Snow Rose...

Hello everyone.

I'm new to bonsai trees, and I was wondering if I could get some help. I recently purchased a Snow Rose, and I just noticed it has some white stuff on the main stem near the top of the tree. Its soft and fell off fairly easy when prodded, but there's still some on the bark. I was wondering if anyone knew what this is, and if its something I should really worry about. Thanks :D

Any other words of advice on serissas would be appreciated too :P

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Sounds like mealy bug, a sucking insect that does some damage to the plant itself, but weakens it so that other bad things start to happen. A Q-tip and some alcohol, dab them off and treat any reoccurence thusly...

Serissas are often touted as beginners plants, yet can be very tempermental, especially as to water (not too damp, not too dry) and drafts during the winter. Wiring is also difficult as the bark scars very easily; I'd suggest the Chinese clip and grow method here rather than wiring (cut off anything headed in the wrong direction and leave the rest)...


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