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Scheflera Black spots /rots

Dear All,

2 weeks ago i bought few schefflera arboricola plants for my living wall in 12cm soil pots.

The plants are intended for aquaponics system and 4 days ago i replanted half of them on my living wall (in pockets with rocks, removed from original pot watering and draining is every 2.5 hours for 5 min).
All schefflera (in soil and in rocks) have same symptoms of black spots / rots on leaves, and its dropping easily.

What might be the problem? is it fungus type or over-watering?

Many thanks
schefflera arboricola black leaves
schefflera arboricola black leaves

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Re: Scheflera Black spots /rots

It does not look like sooty mold. I looks like rot. What do the roots look like? I suspect over watering. Schefflera likes bright light but likes to be evenly moist. It should not need to be watered often indoors. I had a plant in a 6 inch pot a few years ago and I never watered it more than once a day and it was kept outside where it could dry out in a day.

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