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Tree/hedge/shrub selection

I need some help choosing which plants/trees/shrub I should use for my property.

I live on the Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia.

We usually have plenty of rain fall, on average 7 hours of sun light, winter is 7-22 degrees and summer is 17-28.

I am looking for a quick growing plant (we are unlikely to be here more than 3 years), that doesn't lose a lot of leaves, grows between 1-1.5 meters, low maintenance and bushy (will be used to provide a privacy screen)

We also need a similar plant but this one would ideally grow up to 2 meters.

I would prefer indigenous plants but it's not a big concern.

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Re: Tree/hedge/shrub selection

Hi and welcome to the Forum! I applaud your intent to use native plants. I think they are much more likely to be low maintenance for you, more friendly to birds, bees, beneficial insects,etc, and helps perpetuate the natives.

But I (like many of us here) am half way around the world from you and don't know anything about your climate, native plants etc. You really need to talk to local people. ... 9224030956

That is the facebook page for Ecotone, a native plant nursery in Brisbane, which I think should be reasonably near you.

This: ... t-nursery/ has info about Kumbartcho native plant nursery also in Brisbane.

and this:

is a listing of native plant nurseries in Queensland.

Contact some of these people and they can give you good advice about what would work for you and provide the plants as well!

Best wishes!

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