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Indoor Gardening System?

Hello, my name's Lindsey and I come from Massachusetts, U.S. I haven't been living here very long and used to live in the South where the weather was never really a problem. The growing seasons were a lot longer and I was able to grow pretty much whatever I wanted. Now that I moved up to New England it's not impossible, but frustrating because the growing seasons are much shorter and start later. After numerous tries and failures I have decided I'd really like to invest in an indoor system. However, the only electric bill friendly ones I've been able to find have been for marijuana. Which is not what I'm going for at all.

I am training to be a medicinal herbalist and I'm a botany major at the University. I'd like to grow primarily herbs I can use both legally (Without a license or medical card) and medicinally. I've been very interested in hydroponics. What I'm really asking is, is there a fair priced system out there for indoor use that uses hydroponics, that isn't "Stealth" or "Closet" I really don't want someone to walk in my home and think I'm growing marijuana. I have nothing against it, I just feel like it would ruin my credibility as a medicinal herbalist and a botanist, it's also not something I want to get into.

Is there a system that is not bad on the electric bill like many of the stealth systems are? I've never tried anything indoor like this before. I'd like an already set up system if I could buy one that way, if not can someone point me in the direction of the parts and instructions on how to put them together.

So what I'm looking for is a box or some kind of system that has a growing light and possibly a hydroponics system that isn't a "stealth" or "closet" growing box or tent that people would think was marijuana, I'd rather not be at all associated with that particular plant. Thank you in advance! :D


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I would recommend starting off with an aerogarden. They can be found at wallymart or online. I have seen many successful ones in person and on other forums. It is self contained with lights, nutes and media. Very easy to maintain for beginners with everything you needs including herb seeds. It is great for starting seeds or propagating stems from established plants. The only downfall is they are small and plants outgrow them. You can start your seeds and then move the plants to pots or HP. Then take cuttings and propagate more. There are some easy to assemble florescent lights stands available online which is all you need for herbs once you move them out of the areogarden.

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I have an aerogarden3 the smallest (and cheapest!) one they make. It still works quite well for growing 3 herb plants through the winter. You just keep cutting your herbs back. It is very easy and self contained. Just set it on a counter or table top somewhere. The light(s) are on a timer and it signals you when to add nutrients. You just have to keep the reservoir full of water.

They come in a whole range of sizes: ... ison-chart

with big ones that you can grow small tomato plants under. The newest versions have LED lights, which last much longer.

Only drawbacks are limitations in how much you can grow and price. The little aerogarden 3 costs . The priciest model is the AeroGarden 7 with LED for $250. The little ag3 costs $80. But they last forever. If you don't have the LED, you are supposed to get a new bulb for it every year.

Only thing I would disagree with is what was said about starting plants in the aerogarden and then transplanting to soil. It can be done and I have done it, but it is not easy. Grown in water, plants grow water roots. They are too delicate and fragile for soil. So transplanting them in to soil is about like rooting a cutting. You have to take very good care of them until they start growing soil roots.

But yes, it is relatively cheap, very easy, just plug in and fill the reservoir, won't be particularly noticeable on your electric bill and won't get you in any trouble! :)

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Have had great success with my ebb and flow system in my garage, I am using a LED light with full spectrum.
the great part is the low maintenance, add water, check PH level and provide nutrients every 5-6 days.

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