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Bamboo Fences

I am designing a contemplative Japanese Garden for our Zen Community in Oak Park, IL (near Chicago). I've already begun putting in some rock paths which look great.

I'm wanting to put in a bamboo fence, but I've heard many contradictory things about bamboo fences, so I thought someone here might be able to clear up some of my confusion.

I understand that bamboo may not last very long (5 to 7 years) as a fence. But I also have heard that this depends on the kind of bamboo that is being used.

There is a very tough and hard bamboo, called Iron Bamboo which is supposed to last 20 years. It will turn grey, but it does not crack as most bamboo will do over time.

Does anyone have experience or knowledge about bamboo fences? Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.

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Robert Althouse

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I don't know anything about the relative longevity of different sorts of bamboo, but you may find this site helpful -


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