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Sweet vernal grass seed

I'm in oregon in America and in the Willamette valley there is a lot of sweet vernal grass everyone here makes hay out of it and the horses absolutely love it they'll eat it over anything else. I've got a minimum of 40 acres that I'd like to work up and plant to bent grass and sweet vernal grass. Problem is I can't find anywhere that sells sweet vernal seed. There's a few places that sell the packets or whatever for 60 bucks a pound. That's absolutely outrageous and they have a cap of like 10 pounds. I need at least 200 pounds of it and I ain't paying more than 5 bucks a pound. Anybody know where it can be bought in large quantities? Only other thing I can think of is letting one of my fields go to seed and combine it.

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Re: Sweet vernal grass seed

If you have some growing already, then why buy any. They are easy to differentiate IMHO. So it should be fairly simple to selectively collect seeds, though 200 lbs is not within my experience.

You could also dig up plugs and transplant, but again, such large scale planting is not in my experience.

I love sweet vernal grass. I've been encouraging clumps of them to grow in my little backyard garden paths and designated areas of backyard.

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