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Need help!!

About 2 weeks ago this vine started growing in our raised bed garden. Currently, we have a blueberry bush in this bed, next to it is another bed with a tomato plant and 2 pepper plants. Please help identify this plant so I know what to do with it!! Thanks!!!

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Re: Need help!!

Ah I recognize this one. Some started growing after I used straw to mulch my garden, and, as usual, I let them grow until ID'd. They nearly swallowed up the garden in the mean time :eek:

Japanese Hop. Considered nuisance invasive in some states.
:arrow: https://www.nps.gov/plants/alien/pubs/mi ... c/huja.htm

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Re: Need help!!

I was wanted to say that this is some kind of mix between Humulus lupulus and Partenocisus quinquifolia
...but I was not far away... it was invasive Humulus...

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Re: Need help!!

So that is what that is. This was at a past house, the old lady before us had it growing all over her fence and up the side of the house and into the brick work. We cut it all down and tried spraying it out. I still have that house, holding onto it for the kids and it keeps coming back and will take over your lawn and flower beds. Turns pretty colors in the fall, right? I spend to much time every time I check on the house keeping this in check, maybe I should be more aggressive with the spray. :roll:

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