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Green Pepper Problem

We planted green and red bell peppers in our raised bed garden. This year was the first for us to use compost. I don't think the compost has anything to do with the problem of what seems to be rot. We've had a ton of rain and this is the first week of 90*+ weather with high humidity.

Our peppers came on a bit earlier than usual and have come to picking size quickly. Had a nice sized one (our first) about ready to pick. Went out two days later and it had this white, wilting flesh. I'll try to post a pic. I am new to this forum.

Any idea what's going on? TIA for comments & suggestions!
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Re: Green Pepper Problem

Looks like sunscald. Early in the year before foliage is able to shade peppers sufficiently this happens a lot. Hot sun after not so much heat and sun is the culprit. If the plants are at full foliage you may have to consider a sun shade using cheese cloth or something like that.
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Re: Green Pepper Problem

Definitely sunscald. Shading helps or choosing peppers or companions with good leaf cover.
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