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Bright yellow discoloration

I have grown tomatoes for many years and have not seen this before. I live in the midwest and have 50 plants and about 20 of them look like this any help would be greatly appreciated :D

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Color breaks most often caused by viruses. ... irus.shtml

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Can't say as I ever have either, but I went looking. This is the closest possibility I found, but it is a guess:

alfalfa mosaic virus (aka potato calico virus)

Image ... 0511210519

Image ... _virus.jpg

Typical leaf symptoms on plants with alfalfa mosaic include bright yellow blotches with some mottle. Leaves can become distorted. Leaves eventually develop a bronze discoloration. Internally, phloem tissue becomes necrotic, including the phloem in the roots. The disease usually causes plant death. One of the most striking symptoms is the necrotic rings and spots on the fruit. Some fruit may develop a solid brown necrosis over the surface.

Alfalfa mosaic virus infections of tomatoes generally occur when tomatoes are grown near alfalfa. Alfalfa mosaic virus is seedborne in alfalfa and most alfalfa fields are infected and provide a good inoculum source. The virus is transmitted by several species of aphids; spread from alfalfa to surrounding crops is common

any alfalfa near you?

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Yes this looks like what I have on my plants. I checked the Internet and did not find this, thanks for the help. Yes there is alfalfa growing by me, my garden is out in the country.

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