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Filling Planter box

I don't have much room at all in my backyard. I live in an apartment. So I made two planter boxes. fairly decent size but not too deep. I heard that with planter boxes you are only suppose to fill it with half dirt and half something else to lighten the load. Is this true? I don't plan on moving it around very much or at all. So would this apply to me?

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Re: Filling Planter box

I never fill mine with anything besides soil. I tend to overload my planters with plants so they tend to need all the soil space they can get! Do your boxes have holes for drainage? What did you use to build your boxes?

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Re: Filling Planter box

If you are planning on leaving it on the ground and not move it, full soil would be fine. Like pinksand said, if you plan on a lot of plants they will need all they can get.

The half and half mix is really only necessary if you plan on a hanging window box where it would be suspended in the air. That's when weight becomes a concern.

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