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Trouble with Blueberry Bushes

Hi everyone,

I live in the Bay Area in CA and I'm having some issues with my blueberry bushes. They were doing extremely well earlier in the year and had many flowers. Then over time the leaves started to turn yellow/red and now some have brown spots on them. I've included some photos below. I have two different varieties growing. There still is new growth on the plants but the blueberries themselves seem to be shriveling up before they mature into full fruit. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much! :)

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Re: Trouble with Blueberry Bushes

Uh oh. your blueberry may be infected by the mummy berry fungus... :( ... lueberries

A fungus called Monilina vaccinii-corymbosi can infect blueberry fruit with a disease called mummy berry. Fruit falls on the ground and withers into shriveled-up berries that seem deceased.

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Re: Trouble with Blueberry Bushes

On the plant that seems to be affected on only that bottom smaller branch so far, I would cut if off and destroy it. That might slow the process on that plant as well. I am also wondering about heat and water stress. If the plant gets too hot and/or dehydrated during the heat the leaves will sometimes turn fall colors and start dropping. When that happens this early in the season you will lose at least the most affected branches if not the whole bush. So, which way is that wall facing if its is east or worse yet south you may be frying the bushes. Blueberries need a lot more water than most people think and for far longer during the season then most people realized. If the ph of the soil is not acidic enough that will also add to the stress. If you are not giving the plants sulfur at least 3 times during the growing season or used fertilizer not recommended for acid loving plants like azaleas then that could also be a factor. So, minimum increase the water especially during hot spells and correct if needed the fertilizer/sulfur issue. If these are against east or south facing walls then rigging up some sort of shade during the heat of day may also help. Please read the article above as well. The Oregon State Extension has many good articles on blueberry growing.

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