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Courtyard climbing roses on a container

I got the courtyard climbing rose from Costco , California Bay Area.
I also got A beautiful planter from same store. After I planted I am wondering did I do the right thing ?

Can u advise if the planter is good enough for 5-10 ft growing plant. But I really like this planter. It has a long depth but narrow opening

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Climbing roses are usually grown or "trained" on a permanent & strong structure as they can reach 20-30' and while a potted one wouldn't get that high, that wooden trellis is what would concern me more as it may not be able to support the shrub's weight in windy conditions. If I were potting one, I would probably start in pots that are about 24" by 24" across. Just give it attention and tweak whatever needs tweaking (give water, more fertilizer, etc) and repot as needed.

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