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Newbie.. Is this a weed?

I'm located stockton ca and have recently noticed these lil buggers in our front lawn.. Are these a weed? How do I get rid of them?

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Re: Newbie.. Is this a weed?

It looks to my untrained eye to be crabgrass. (Scientific name: Digitaria)

I know some folks do battle trying to get rid of it, but I was never a manicured-lawn person, so if it is green and can be mowed, I didn't worry about it. If it is crabgrass, I'm sure someone will share their tales of battle with you. :)
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Re: Newbie.. Is this a weed?


It can be removed just with a knife or garden weeder. A little compost to fill the hole and encourage the lawn grass -- it should be better than before. Crabgrass is an annual plant and not very difficult to kill.

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