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Roses drooping

^ The day we got the roses.
^ They don't seem to be dying, but the blooms just go to crap.

^ Had for a few weeks, and hasn't bloomed since the initial flowers wilted and died.

If you see to the left we have an old rose that been there for years which is doing fine.

I don't get it!?!?!

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Re: Roses drooping

^ Thankfully the blooms have stood back up in the last few hours, and the pedals are looking better, and 1 of them is starting to open up.

^ That is the one that has been around for years. It grows up and not really out, is there a way to get it more full and less tall? or is this how this is supposed to grow and there is no changing that?

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Re: Roses drooping

When roses are first planted they need to be watered well sometimes a couple or up to four times a day if it is very hot. It will take a while for the roots to grow and spread out, after roses are established, a good deep drink once or twice a week suffices.

Roses bloom in cycles. After they flower dead head and cut the canes back above a 5 leaf node that faces outward. You want your rose to have vase shape and avoid branches that grow toward the center of the plant or toward other canes because they will rub and can introduce disease that way. The younger growth will only have three leaves. I like to cut down to where the branch is at least a 1/4 inch thick. Always use clean pruners. Clean sap off with a degreaser after use and spray the blade with alcohol between cuts to disinfect them.

The higher you cut, the smaller the roses will be on re bloom. Feed the roses at the same time you prune them. Roses are heavy feeders.

Roses are prone to fungal diseases so keeping them pruned to open them up and a regular anti fungal spray program especially in wet humid weather helps.
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Re: Roses drooping

If it has been hot and dry, and surrounding ground is dried out, be sure to not only water the immediate soil around the plant but water adequately so water soaks into the ground all around it. Otherwise, the dry ground around the plant will just suck all the moisture away like a gang of bullies surrounding a new kid with candy.
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