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Is it OK to re-bury tomatoes?

I have a container garden on my patio. I transplanted 5 San Marzano tomato plants from 2" tray to large containers. On the last container I ran out of soil about 3 - 4 inches from the top. I said to heck with it and planted anyway.

When planting I buried up past the seed leaves to the bottom of the first true leaves. Now, 3-4 weeks later, I'd like to go ahead and fill up the container. The plant is over a foot tall. The first "branch" (petiole) is about the diameter of a pencil now.

How should I proceed (or should I proceed at all) ? I'm thinking I'm supposed to trim off the "branches" (petioles) because only the main stem grows new roots. Or, will that allow disease in better than just letting them rot under dirt would? Or am I wrong and the petioles will grow roots?

Any advice would be appreciated.

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Re: Is it OK to re-bury tomatoes?

Unlike many plants, it is fine to bury tomato plants deeper. They will put out roots from all along the main stem. But clip off any leaves that will be buried first. And be sure you let enough leaves remain on the plant, unburied, so that it can keep gaining energy, at least 4-6.
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