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Under planting 2 Tree Mulch Bed


I live in Massachusetts and have two trees that are in the same mulch bed- see picture. I'm looking to under plant and was curious if anyone could help with a design. There is probably a good 7-8 feet between the trees and the entire bed is about 15-20 feet wide. I like the idea of a mosaic pattern similar to what's mentioned in this article ... rplanting/

Any feedback on specific design, as I want to stay away from circling the trunk designs. Do I just plan in between the two trees? Any specific annual or shrubs you would recommend? thank you

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Re: Under planting 2 Tree Mulch Bed

It is a very nice article and seems like it answers a lot of those questions already . It mentioned spring ephemerals which I think are lovely - things like trillium, Virginia bluebells, jack in the pulpit , woods poppies, Solomon's seal. Ferns are nice and columbine and coral bells.
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