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What type of bugs are these?

There are millions of these in the grass and now in my garden. They're all over the seedlings (zucchini, watermelon, cucumber) and killed them very quickly. They hop all over when you run your hand over them. I tried insecticidal soap but literally the whole yard is full. Those i sprayed it on hopped away and others hopped in. They are tiny, about half the size of a tiny ant or about twice the size of a period in this sentence. What do i do?!

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Re: What type of bugs are these?

From your description and the damage on the leaves, I think these might be fleabeetles in their juvenile/nymph stage. They would darken to black or brown later.
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Re: What type of bugs are these?

I haven't seen flea beetles make such large holes in the leaves before. But the do look like some kind of beetle nymph. Do they have 6 legs?
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